I provide a variety of support services from remote support for quick setup adjustments to home visits for when your IT setup requires hardware changes.



If you have recently purchased a new PC and would like help setting it up, Andy Mac Tech Support will configure your machine, install your applications, setup your email accounts, install your printer and ensure you are connected to your home network.


If you have an existing PC that is running slowly , I can offer a PC healthcheck  to review your machine and provide options to stop your frustrations.


If you suspect your PC has been infected by a virus or malicious software, I can remove these. For the more stubborn viruses, I will backup and re-install your computer  and applications with an aim to have  back up and running as soon as possible.




If you have an Apple iPad or an Android tablet, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Hudl or Amazon's Kindle Fire HD and would like help setting it up, Andy Mac Tech Support is familiar with all tablets and happy to assist you. I will get you connected to your home network, configure your e-mail accounts, connect you to your app store, assist you with getting started and getting the most out of your device.


Being a smaller version of the tablet with the added ability to make and receive calls, a smart phone is a great way of having internet, emails and your favourite apps alongside your diary and your contacts in the palm of your hand.


With its built-in wireless adapter, your smart phone can be connected to your wireless network which will allow you to save your mobile data allowance for when you are out and about.


Home broadband with the use of routers has allowed many homes to enjoy the benefits of networking so that multiple devices can connect to the internet at the same time, share documents or pictures, or backup documents network attached storage.


If you would like assistance with your home networking, please contact me for more information. 


Remote support is a great way to get help with your PC or Laptop without having to have someone come and visit you.


Many software issues can be diagnosed and resolved using remote support.


Providing your machine can connect to the internet, support can be given by creating a secure connection, and with no need for any software to be pre-installed.